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Esports Egg Bowl Makes Gaming History

When was the last time you did something for the first time?(As the song goes) The University of Mississippi can say that about their ESports program.  Ole Miss hosted Mississippi State in the first ever ESports Egg Bowl on October 13th.  Gravity Gaming was honored to be a part of that day by sending GG CIO, Lucas Hulne, and the University of Jamestown’s esports’ coach, Josh Knutson.

The first day included a meeting with Ole Miss CIO Nishanth Rodriquez and setting up a table at the fairly new basketball area, the Pavilion. At the Gravity Gaming table, we had a full computer setup that people could sit down and play games at. The other computer at the table was turned on with LEDs matching the Ole Miss school colors and their Esports team logo.

The big event started off on Saturday morning with the first game, CS:GO, starting at 11.  MSU ended up winning the match but Ole Miss tied it up with a LoL win in the second game.  The next 2 games, Overwatch and Rocket League, were taken by MSU. Rocket League was by far the most exciting of the games.  Ole Miss got out to a 3-1 lead in a best of 7, MSU came back to tie it at 3 games a piece. The final game went into overtime where MSU scored the game winner with a minute left.  This game got the crowd cheering and really engaged in the rest of the games.  MSU went on to win Rainbow 6: Siege which secured their Egg bowl victory and Ole Miss ended up taking COD: Black Ops and for the final game MSU won in Super smash bros. 4-2 was the final score in favor of MSU.

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