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Gravity Gaming for Education enables schools to purchase gaming PCs that are backed by the same industry-leading 5-year warranty, service, support, and free shipping that you receive from ByteSpeed. These gaming machines are also eligible for Microsoft K-12 education incentive pricing and can be ordered using purchase orders through your ByteSpeed account rep listed below.

Gravity Gaming for Education is opening doors for educators to incorporate video games for educational purposes using our customized gaming PCs. In today’s technology saturated world, many children are given smartphones at the age of six, and many children can use them better than adults. As the times are changing, so are the ways children learn in the classroom.

Service and Support for Gaming in Education

The 5-year warranty and free shipping offered by Gravity Gaming for Education is available ONLY to educational institutions:

  • Industry Leading Warranties – 5-year warranty on all gaming machines.
  • In-House Tech Support – There are no hassles and you can speak to the same technician every time you call!
  • Reliability and Quality – We use only quality components that will give you the best all-around performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership.
  • Free Custom Imaging Services – Your master image can easily be duplicated on multiple systems, saving you time and money deploying several machines, as well as reducing desk-side setup time.
  • Free Shipping – We offer free shipping and handling on purchases, and we also pay freight both ways on parts covered under warranty.


COMING SOON!!! Educational Gaming Software Package.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality allows a literature teacher in Chicago to “take” her students to Verona to look at the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, or a teacher in the Bronx to “bring” her Ancient Civilizations class to the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. This means, all students can enjoy traveling the world and experience history, science, space and much more right from the classroom. Foundry10 is a great collaboration resource for Students and Educators interested in VR for education.


ASUS out did themselves with the H110i-Plus D3 mini itx motherboard. They managed to create a quality and highly functional motherboard for inexpensive compact gaming. Both horizontal and vertical orientation possibilities, the Eclipse can be placed anywhere in the classroom.


Max out your performance with the ASUS B150 Pro Gaming motherboard and get the best balance between performance, cooling, stability, efficiency and aesthetics, all managed on a simple and intuitive interface. You will also enjoy its RAMCache feature going from milliseconds to microseconds boosting game-load times to stratospheric levels. The Define Nano S ITX case features compatibility with high end, full-size components, superior sound dampening, and an ATX-like layout with superior cable management.


The Quantum is the biggest baddest gaming PC available! The base configuration makes this PC VR Ready. It features innovative qualities to enhance your gaming experience. You cant go wrong with the chassis and its easy to carry handle and incredible expandability. It also features two 90 degree removable & rotatable HDDs.


Meet the FORCE! Gravity Gaming brings you a PC that will blow your mind. The Force comes equipped with the ASUS Dual GTX 1060-3GB video card that provides an interactive and cinematic experience, as well as incredibly smooth gameplay. With Intel processors you get crisp clear videos, more versatility, and efficient performance.


The Gravity Gaming Impact is built with all levels of gamers in mind. The H110M motherboard brings ASUS power to a new level with its superb performance and flexibility. Equipped with the powerful Asus GTX950 giving you smoother, faster, & more detailed gaming experiences. With DDR4 Ram, you’ll accelerate up to 2133MHz! Now that’s FAST!

How Video Games Benefit Education

Evidence shows that educational video games promote student engagement and enhance the learning process while making it fun! Its an incentive-based learning system with the players being rewarded for solving a problem or completing a mission.  Video games are also found to be very therapeutic for children with chronic illnesses, can improve preschoolers’ motor skills, reduce stress and depression, provide relief from pain, can improve vision, can improve decision making skills, and can maintain happiness in old age as well. These studies provide positive uses for video games, young or old.

Games such as Minecraft and Portal have been suggested as platforms for teachers to experiment with their educational abilities. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the user can create objects using the crafting system, while Portal is a physics game: the player uses the laws of physics, such as gravity and inertia, to advance through the game’s series of test chambers. Critical thinking and problem solving are inherent in the latter game’s design. Both Minecraft and Portal are very easily adaptable to different learning environments; Minecraft tends to be used more with young children while Portal is typically used by high school Physics teachers.

Other Benefits:

  • Higher Test Scores. Studies show an average video game based class scores 4% higher than the non-gaming group.  And kids who game every day score 15 points above the average in reading and math.
    • Side Note: It’s important to know that the study did not prove that gaming improves test scores—just that frequent gamers tend to test better.
  • Easily Assessed. Constantly and automatically assess the learner’s ability at every given moment.
  • Established Concentration. Students that have difficulty concentrating can find video games to be very useful.
  • Instant Gratification. Allow for greater chances of learning and engagement in classrooms.
  • Motivate and stimulate learning while having fun!
  • Reaction Skills. Video games enhance reaction-based skills.
    • Side Note: Did you know, doctors will preform surgeries they have never done through virtual reality before actually performing it on a patient.

In 2014, the White House Game Jam set the stage for Gaming in Education!

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